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Rockford Nephrology now offers Chronic Care Management (CCM) services for Medicare patients who meet the eligibility requirements. You may be referred for CCM by your nephrologist if you have two or more qualifying conditions, as outlined by Medicare. The clinical staff will make monthly calls to those enrolled in CCM to identify any symptoms or problems occurring between office visits, in an effort to maintain health and prevent the need for hospitalization. We will provide education about disease, diet, and medications. We will provide resources and support as needed to meet your health goals. Your primary care physician will be updated with your health goals and plan of care.

For more information about CCM or to see if you qualify, please feel free to contact our office or discuss with your nephrologist at your next office visit.

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Anemia Therapy

Kidneys make a hormone called erythropoietin which sends a message to your body to make red blood cells. When you have kidney disease, you may not be making enough of this hormone, which can cause you to become anemic. Your body also needs enough iron to make red blood cells. Without enough red blood cells, you may experience tiredness, low energy, paleness, dizziness, or shortness of breath. Your nephrologist monitors your blood counts and iron levels when you get your labs drawn. If you are found to be anemic, Rockford Nephrology offers treatment options to you which include Venofer infusions and ESA (erythropoietin stimulating agents) injections. If your iron levels are low, Venofer may be given if you are unable to take iron tablets, or if you’ve tried iron tablets and they did not raise your iron levels to your goal. Venofer is given by a nurse at the office directly into a vein. If your iron levels are good, but you are found to be anemic, ESA injections may be prescribed. These are given as an injection in your arm on a monthly basis by one of our clinical staff until you have reached your goal blood count. If your nephrologist prescribes either of these anemia therapies, our staff will verify coverage with your insurance company and notify you of their decision and requirements.

For more information, please feel free to contact our office.  Injections by appointment only.

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