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At Rockford Nephrology it is our goal to empower you to learn all you can about chronic kidney disease.  RNA would like you to take control of your health by learning how to delay the progression of kidney disease and learn about treatment options that are available to you if your kidneys begin to fail.  If you have questions about your kidney education please call the RNA office at (815)227-8300 and ask to speak to Julie Ling, RN,CNN,

Education Coordinator.

Kidney Education Classes


A unique part of caring for your kidneys at RNA is the education that is provided at all stages of your chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Education at RNA promotes patient knowledge through classes, written materials, verbal communication and the Patient Portal.  These forms of education help you, as the patient, slow progression of the disease process and also prepare you for treatment options available for end stage renal disease (ESRD).

Kidney Smart classes provide the patients information about kidney function, causes of kidney disease and Stages of CKD.  Patients will learn how managing the cause of their CKD through diet, medication and how healthy habits can help stabilize kidney function and possibly delay its progression. Classes will include discussion on how staying employed and having insurance can have a positive effect on your overall health.  When necessary, classes will also prepare patients for making treatment option decisions on dialysis, transplant or conservative management if CKD begins to progress to ESRD.  At RNA, our goal is to serve the nephrology patient and keep you as healthy as we can for as long as we can.

Kidney Smart classes for CKD and Dialysis Options are provided free of charge several times a month at our Rockford, Beloit and satellite locations.  Importance of the Kidney Diet is provided at the Rockford location each month in addition to Kidney Smart.  Ask your physician about being referred for classes at your appointment or call the office to be scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are education classes offered at RNA?

Education classes are offered at RNA to help the patient slow progression of the disease process and/or prepare for the treatment options available for more advanced kidney disease.

  • What do the classes cost?  Will my insurance be billed for the cost of the class?

The classes are free of charge and insurance is not billed.

  • What topics are covered in the classes?

3 types of classes are offered at RNA. We offer classes for patients with early stages of CKD dedicated to informing the patient about how to delay progression through diet, medication, disease management that has caused the CKD and healthy habits.  Classes are offered to patients with more advanced CKD to review the ways to delay progression, but begin to focus on knowledge needed to prepare for treatment options.  This class will discuss types of dialysis, transplant and conservative management choices.  The role of diet class can also be an option for those trying to learn more about the kidney friendly diet.

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