Kidney Function Testing

Every patient that visits Rockford Nephrology Associates will eventually have testing done to help with their treatment and follow-up care. Below we have listed some of the regular tests, and their descriptions, that may be ordered by one of our Nephrologists. Please note that the normal values you see below may slightly vary from each health care system and we always take that into consideration. If you would like more information, please visit the National Kidney Foundation website.

BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
Normal value: 7 - 20 mg/dl

Urea Nitrogen is the waste product of protein that has broken down in the blood. Usually the kidneys will filter the urea nitrogen out of the blood stream and excrete it in urine. As kidney function declines, the BUN levels may increase as it is not filtered out. This test is done with a blood draw that can be drawn at anytime.

Normal value: 0.6 - 1.3 mg/dl

Creatinine is one of the waste products of muscle contractions that is also exctreted by the kidneys. As with BUN, when kidney function declines, the Creatinine levels may rise. This blood sample can be drawn at any time.

Urine Protein - 24 hour collection
Normal value: 0 - 0.15 Grams/24 hours

Protein can "leak" from your kidneys into your urine. If this is a possibility, your Dr. may ask you to collect a urine sample for a complete 24 hours. This can be tested for amounts of protein and then your diet/medications can be adjusted accordingly.

Renal Artery Duplex

This is a vascular test that is done to look at the arteries of each kidney. This can measure blood flow within the artery and also measure the size. This may be done on a regular basis to keep track of progress.

Renal Ultrasound

The Renal ultrasound is a test that is done to measure the size and estimate the weight of each kidney. This test may also be done on a regular basis for tracking purposes.

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