What is Medical Nutrition Therapy

MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) is a complete nutrition counseling service. The registered dietitian provides the patient with the knowledge they need to make healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices to better manage chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

How can MNT benefit a patient with kidney disease?

How is MNT different from a nutrition consult?

In the past, diets were written with little knowledge of an individual’s usual food intake and lifestyle habits. An MNT dietitian will not just give the patient a preprinted diet, but individualize the nutrition plan. MNT will provide the patient with the tools to: set realistic goals, help identify food and lifestyle changes, and overcome obstacles in the way of reaching those goals.

MNT includes:

Other topics may include:

What can a patient do to make the most of the MNT appointment?

Patients need to allow approximately 60 minutes for the first session. Family and friends are welcome to attend. Have recent lab testing available for review prior to the appointment. Completing a three day food history prior to the MNT appointment would be helpful. Food diaries may be obtained at Rockford Nephrology Associates.

Who pays for MNT?

Upon referral from the physician, Medicare and many private insurance companies cover MNT services if the patient has been diagnosed with kidney disease and/or diabetes. To find out more about MNT insurance coverage, please contact the billing coordinator at Rockford Nephrology Associates at 815-227-8300.

If you are a patient at Rockford Nephrology Associates and would like to see our dietitian, please call the office at #815-227-8300 and speak to a secretary to be scheduled.


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