Kidney Transplant


What is Kidney Transplant?


Kidney transplant is one type of treatment for kidney failure.  It is not a cure and requires lifelong immunosuppressant medication and follow-up.  This option requires evaluation by a transplant center.  Once your nephrology team refers you for transplant evaluation you can expect the following process.


  • Your records will be sent to the transplant center(s) of your choice.  The transplant evaluation process usually takes 3-6 months.  If you have commercial insurance, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company to identify the centers covered under your plan.
  • The transplant center, after reviewing your records, will likely recommend additional testing and evaluation.  This will commonly include dental evaluation, cardiac testing, and cancer screening.
  • After the completion of requested testing, you will be provided with an appointment at the transplant center.  There you will usually meet with the surgeon, transplant coordinator, dietitian, patient accounts representative and social worker.
  • If, after successful completion of the evaluation, you choose to pursue transplant, you will be placed on the donor wait list or be prepared for your living donor transplant.


Transplant Types:


Transplant options include living donor and deceased donor transplants.  Living donors may be from family, friends, or altruistic donation.  Deceased donor kidneys are provided through the generosity of those who have provided their organs at the time of their death.


Additional Transplant Information:


The following web sites are excellent sources of general transplant information



Transplant Centers:


Transplant centers in our area include the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Northwestern Memorial in Chicago, University of Chicago, Loyola in Maywood, Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, University of Illinois in Chicago, Froedtert in Milwaukee, Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.