Billing Practice is also an important part of providing patients care. RNA does it's best to provide excellent customer service. We strive to take care of patients billing in the most compassionate, accurate, and quickest way possible.

Our billing is handled by a local billing company in Loves Park, IL. Their phone number is (815) 636-6191 or (866) 210-4641. They can let you know your balance, take payments, or help you with any billing questions or issues that you may have.

FAQ: How much does it cost for a visit?

ANSWER: The cost of a visit depends on the complexity of a visit. First visits are more than follow-up visits. RNA will not know exactly how much the visit is until it is billed. Please let us know if an estimate would be helpful to you.

FAQ: Do I have to pay money before I am seen?

ANSWER: RNA encourages patients to pay their copays at the time of visit. This is the agreement made between the patient and their insurance company. Please ask our front desk and they will be happy to discuss any issues with you.

FAQ: Does RNA accept Medicare assignment?

ANSWER: Yes, RNA accepts Medicare "approved amount" as full payment for covered services. If it is a covered service, Medicare will pay 80% of the approved amount. 20% will be responsibility of the patient or their secondary/supplemental insurance. RNA adjusts off anything over the Medicare approved amount. (Note: this does not include any unmet deductibles patient may have.)

FAQ: How can I make a payment on my account?

ANSWER: By phone - Call (866) 289-4715
In person - RNA office building, M-F 8:00-5:00
By mail - PO Box 957, Rockford, IL 61105-0957

FAQ: What types of payments to you accept?

ANSWER: We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

FAQ: Why is it that my bill says I saw a doctor when I only saw the Nurse Practitioner?

ANSWER: When a patient sees nurse practitioner, we follow Medicare guidelines and often bill under the Nephrologist who is in the office that day. Feel free to ask when you have a visit to know ahead of time what doctor will show up on your bill.